At Janine Senese Design, I specialize in helping businesses achieve their goals through a collaborative approach. My studio, located in Cinnaminson, New Jersey, was founded in 2002 by a seasoned professional with a passion for quality and attention to detail. I offer a wide range of creative services without the significant overhead of a big design firm. My one-on-one relationships with clients allow essential collaboration to enhance and bring your ideas to life. Each project is approached with a unique solution in mind, and I am dedicated to delivering exceptional results. My services include website design, branding, graphic design, advertising planning, and marketing materials. With my expertise as an experienced designer and my commitment to quality, Janine Senese Design is the perfect partner to help your business stand out and grow.

Planning, analyzing, and creating visual solutions to communicate your company's message is my specialty. Together we will find the most effective way to captivate your customers, accomplish your business needs, and ultimately reach your goals.

Janine Senese Design works directly with our clients, bringing to life exactly what you’ve been envisioning. Capturing the essence of your brand is a priority. Every project deserves a unique solution, and client collaboration is essential in making a good idea even better.

My clients are diverse, and so are their projects. One of Janine Senese Design's largest clients is GDG Consulting, Inc., a marketing firm. Janine Senese Design has allied with GDG Consulting, Inc. over the last 20 years and provides many of their design materials.